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Top 12 places for paragliding in India

Paragliding is more than just learning to fly like a bird in the open skies, through the clouds, and witnessing the land from on-high. With rolling hills and vast stretches of untouched nature, India has rapidly become a destination for indescribably epic paragliding excursions. From north to south, east to west, there are dozens of places to go paragliding in India. Each has its own unique visuals and experience.

There are around 156 paragliding places in India ! Here are the top 12 paragliding destinations in India to visit:

1. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Did you know that Bir Billing in Himachal was the first place to host the first paragliding world cup competition? Located about 15 kilometers from the Village Bir, also known as the Paragliding capital of India, the launch site is about 2400 meters high on a mountain side. Once you’re flying, you see mountains, plunging slopes, green trees, and so much more. For the best experience, visit Bir Billing between October and mid-June, when the chance of precipitation is low.

Location : Bir-Billing, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.
Activity : Tandem flight from billing to bir.
Price : Starting at Rs 2500.
Season : October – June.
Launch site height : 8000 ft. from sea level.
Landing site height : 4300 ft. from sea level.
Nearby Cities : Bir (14 km), Ahju (18.3 km).
Nearby Airport : Shimla airport (222 km), Jammu airport (257 km), Ludhiyana airport (265 km).
Nearby Railway station : Ahju (18.7 km).
Local organizations : birbillingparagliding.com, birbillingadventure.com, travelbirbilling.com, billingparagliding.com.
Google map – take off site 1 : https://goo.gl/maps/GRUSaeEsdVQ2
Google map – take off site 2 : https://goo.gl/maps/87a8S7YpHkv

2. Kamshet, Maharashtra

Where is the best location for paragliding around Mumbai and Pune? Kamshet, of course. For those who want jaw-dropping views of Mumbai, Kamshet is the place! The views include the Sahyadri mountain range and valleys painted in watercolor, as well as a number of tiny villages scattered across the land. Kamshet is also ideal because it is highly accessible. For optimal flight conditions, head to Khamset from October to April.

Price : Starts at Rs 3000.
Season : October to May.
Takeoff : 18.7477, 73.5436 – 889m.
Landing : 18.7474, 73.5531 – 624m.
Nearby Cities : Kamshet (2 km), Pune (49 km), Mumbai (110 km).
Nearby Airport : Pune airport (51 km), Mumbai airport (113 km).
Nearby Railway station : Kamshet (2 km).
Local organizations : kamshetparagliding.in, Paraglidingmantra.com, Templepilots.com, Indusparagliding.in, flynirvana.com.
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/FKYHYB5Ri6N2

3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

One of the most well-known locations for paragliding in India would be Manali. The village is at an altitude of nearly 1828 meters, making it perfect for launching paragliders. The views of the sprawling Solang Valley, Fatru Mountain, Gulaba and Marhi are what keeps veteran paragliders coming back for more, but with the wide, open spaces and endless skies, Manali is ideal for beginner paragliders too. The only time you can’t visit Manali for paragliding is during Monsoon season.

Price : starting at Rs 1600
Season : May to Octomber
Takeoff : 32.3569, 77.2238 – 3584m
Landing : 32.3485, 77.2167 – 3327m
Nearby Cities : Manali (43 km), Kullu (83 km)
Nearby Airport : Kullu Manali Airport – Bhuntar (55km).
Local organizations : Paraglidinginmanali.com, gautamandgautamgroup.org, manalishimlaexpert.com, visitkullumanali.com, manalibackpackers.com, solangvalley.co
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/R6NmkbZo7k12

4. Nainital, Uttarakhand

The resort town of Nainital is located 2000 meters above sea level and surrounded by a picturesque landscape. When paragliding, you can see the lovely cityscape, as well as Naini Lake. The lake is one of the 64 Shakti peethas and considered one of the holiest places in the world. Also, you can see the Naina, Deopatha, and Ayarpatta mountain ranges through the cottony clouds.

Price : starting at Rs 1500
Takeoff : 29.6004, 79.455 – 1776m
Landing : 29.5816, 79.4606 – 1222m
Season : March to June
Nearby Cities : Nainital (47 km),
Nearby Airport : Pantnagar airport (101 km)
Nearby Railway station : kathgodam (40 km)
Local organisations : nainitalparagliding.in, skybirdadventures.com, eagleeyeadventure.com.
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/UHfgy2nnTHL2

5. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

If you’re near Chennai, then you’re within reach of Yelagiri. You launch from a height of 2200 meters. Surrounding the launch site are emerald hills and blue skies. The hill station is also an excellent location for getting paragliding equipment rentals or tandem flight experiences. Whether you are a seasoned paraglider or new, Yelagiri is a smart choice.

6. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie has garnered a lot of attention as a tourist destination, but there’s plenty of changes to go paragliding too. Through the months of March to June, the skies are clear, giving you unhindered views of the beautiful Lake Mussoorie.

Price : Starts at Rs 3000
Season : Jan to May and Sept to Dec
Max height : 4000 feet
Nearby Cities : Malsi (25 km), Dehradun (34 km)
Nearby Airport : Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun (54 km)
Nearby Railway station : Dehradun (34 km)
Local organizations : Paraglidingmussoorie.com
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/64WscgWmEHS2

7. Vagamon, Kerala

Vagamon is a hill top resort near Palai, in Idukki District, Kerala, India. The area is famous for its cool climate. Temperature between 10 and 23 degree Celsius. It is situated 1,100 metres above sea level.
Kurisumala monastery is situated there. It is around 33 km from Palai. The area is full of Tea estates. Indo-Swiss Project dairy farms is situated in Kurisumala. Vagamon is surrounded by three hills namely, Thangal hill, Murugan hill and Kurisumala. Tea estates, grass lands, meadows, mist and shola forests add to the charm of Vagamon environment. Vagamon is at the fringe of western ghats and the foot hills on its lower side reach up to Teekoy with a gradual descend. Traveling by the hill highway in this section is an exhilarating experience with deep valleys and magnificent views all around. Wagamon presents very spectacular views with an ethereal touch.

Price : Starts at Rs 3000
Season : Oct to May
Takeoff : 9.647, 76.9146 – 1113m
Landing : 9.6167, 76.8879 – 128m
Nearby Cities : Pala (36 km), Kottayam (63 km), Kochi (102 km), Kollam (140 km)
Nearby Airport :Kochi (75 km) .
Nearby Railway station : Kottayam (64 km).
Local organizations : Vagamon.com, Flyvagamon.com, Paraglidingkerala.com.
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/1rvxuzSioW52

8. Pithoragarh, Kumaon

Since the district of Pithoragarh is nestled between Tibet and Nepal, you can wonderful sights during your paragliding session. The other must-see would be the four towering hills, Dhwaj, Thal Kedar, Kundar, and Chandak. That’s why Pithoragarh is a favorite for other outdoor activities, too, including canoeing, rafting, trekking, and camping. Visit from March to June or between September and October for the clearest weather. This area is highly recommended for those who want to get their fill of nature from every available viewpoint.

Price : around 2500 – 6000
Season : March to June and mid-September to October
Nearby Cities : 503 km from Delhi, 330 km from Nainital, 212 km from Kathgodam, 150 km from Tanakpur.
Nearby Airport : Patanagar (241 km)
Nearby Railway station : Tanakpur Railway station (138 km)
Local organizations : http://www.uttaranchaltourism.in/paragliding-in-uttaranchal.html

9. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

You need to drive about 68 kilometers from Bangalore, Chikkabaglor to reach the idyllic location of Nandi Hills. Take the leap from 1400 meters to begin your flight. The terrain of craggy hills and massive conifers presents a welcome challenge to experience paragliders who enjoy maneuvering as much as they enjoy looking out at vast landscapes. However, there is also plenty of flat land for you to touch down on.

Price : Start at Rs 2690
Season : Oct to Feb
Launch site height : 4581
Nearby Cities : Bangalore (68 km)
Nearby Airport : Bengaluru International Airport (64 km)
Nearby Railway station : Chikkaballapur (19 km)
Local organizations : Flynandi.com
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/cxBDUrPcNps

10. Gangtok, Sikkim

Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Then Gangtok, located in the already popular northeastern region of Sikkim, is going to satisfy your craving for thrills. The snow-capped Himalayan mountains are just one of the reasons Sikkim is a gem. The other reason is the number of landing ridges. Tandem gliding is also available here.

Price : Start at Rs 2500
Season : September to June
Launch site : 27.3682, 88.6271 – 2091m
Nearby Cities : Gangtok (12 km),
Nearby Airport : Bagdogra airport (124 km)
Nearby Railway station : New Jalpaiguri (128 km)
Local organizations : paraglidingsikkim.com, adventureinsikkim.com
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/gx1hmL4KB5J2

11. Panchgani, Maharashtra

The popular hill station Mahabaleshwar is located close to Panchgani town. Many couples on their honeymoon come to Panchgani for paragliding, because of the scenic views. Also, the plateaus are the second largest in Asia after Tibet. The colorful landscape of red hills and greenery is just one of the many must-sees for your Panchgani paragliding experience. Other treasures include visuals of the towns Bhilar, Tapola (where you can find plenty of accommodations), and Khingher.

Price : Start at Rs 1750
Season : Oct to May
Takeoff : 17.9338, 73.8043 – 1218m
Landing : 17.9338, 73.8043 – 1218m
Nearby Cities : Wai (35 km), Mumbai (262 km),
Nearby Airport : Pune airport (125 km)
Nearby Railway station : Satara (63 km)
Local organizations : www.panchganihotels.com/joyrideparagliding, www.ravinehotel.com/paragliding-panchgani
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/cy831J7q5KG2

12. Sanasar, Jammu

Located about 19 kilometers from Patnitop, Sanasar is a small resort on a grassy hill and blanketed by gigantic pine trees. The views of astounding; and since the area isn’t as traversed as some other regions, you can evade the crowds. For those who are just starting out, Sanasar also has a number of paragliding schools for you to receive top-grade instruction.

Price : around Rs 4500
Season : May-June and September-October
Nearby Cities : Jammu (124 km)
Nearby Airport : Jammu airport (134 km)
Nearby Railway station : Jammu railway station (132 km)
Local organizations : hawg.co, www.karakoramexplorers.com, www.kashmirfly.in.
Google map location : https://goo.gl/maps/XLhZrKny9Gm

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